Professor He Jinliang Received Rudolf Heinrich Gould Award in the International Conference on Lightning Protection

Tsinghua News Network on October 7th. At the 33rd International Conference on Lightning Protection in September 25 to 30 held in Astorit, Portugal, , conference scientific committee awarded 2016 Rudolf Heinrich Golde Award to Prof. He Jinliang of Department of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University, for his outstanding contribution to the field of lightning protection in power systems. At the same time, Professor He Jinliang was elected as the next chairman of the Steering Committee of the Asia-Pacific Lightning International Conference for a term of 2017 to 2023. 

Professor He Jinliang accepted the award at the awards ceremony

Professor He Jinliang received a doctorate in Tsinghua University in Department of Electrical Engineering in March 1994. He is now the Department of Electrical Engineering Institute of high voltage and insulation technology. He has accomplished a number of innovative achievements in power system grounding technology, surge arresters, time-frequency electromagnetic transient analysis theory and methods, and high-performance varistors. These achievements are in the power system widely used. Professor He Jinliang was awarded by the National Outstanding Youth Fund in 2004, elected as IEEE Fellow in 2007, and named as the Ministry of Education Changjiang scholar Professor in 2009. Due to outstanding achievements in lightning protection and grounding system transient characteristic, he was awarded Technology Achievement Award by the IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society in 2010, awarded the Asia-Pacific Electromagnetic Compatibility Society Award in 2012, NO.6 Star Award by the Japan Electric Equipment Society in 2013, employed as 973 project chief scientist by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2014, Outstanding Contribution Award by the Asia-Pacific Lightning International Conference in 2015.

In addition, Duan Lian, the doctor from Department of Electrical Engineering won the General Assembly Young Scientist Award through at the 33rd session of the International Conference on Lightning Protection of the closing ceremony through fierce competition. The award is in recognition of their experimental research results of lightning impulse characteristics of substation grounding.

The first session of the International Conference on Lightning Protection was held in Germany in 1951 and was held every two years. The meeting was held mainly in Europe. International Conference on Lightning Protection is an international organization. The Scientific Committee has been awarded the Rudolf Heinrich Gould Award since the beginning of 2008, at the International Conference on Lightning Protection, held every two years. In the field of lightning protection science and engineering development of security technology, the award is commended to those scientists who made outstanding contributions in innovative applications and other aspects.

Asia-Pacific Lightning International Conference (APL) was firstly held in Beijing in 2003, every two years in the Asia-Pacific region. Representatives from the global and lightning protection international conference (ICLP) are two of the most famous lightning protection areas in the world International Conference. Asia Pacific Lightning International Conference is an international organization and its executive committee (Steering Committee) is its leadership.